Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy New Year?

Now is the time we generally look back at the past year and set goals for the next. Last year wasn't all bad, but there were many challenges:
  • More and more people are in crisis and need food assistance
  • The food supply wasn't available to keep up with the demand
  • Food costs rose significantly
  • Fuel costs for food delivery skyrocketed

The good news is that we have incredible support from the community:

  • Many volunteers are willing and able to help
  • Financial donations met our goals
  • Our programs provided food assistance and hope to thousands of people
  • We have one new truck on the road and another coming this month that will enable more efficient, reliable delivery to our 145 agencies

Our goals for 2009 are to acquire and distribute almost 3.5 million pounds of food this year. There are many unknowns that will certainly affect our ability to meet this goal. Food distributors may be less likely to donate, foundations have decreased resources for grants, corporations may cut their charitable donations and individuals, who formerly supported food banks and food shelves, may find themselves in need instead.

There are two things I'm sure we can count on. 1.) Unfortunately, more people will be in need of food assistance before this economic crisis improves, 2.) Fortunately, our volunteers and donors will continue to help as much as they are able.

It will be a good year...together we will do all that we can to end hunger in our communities. Happy New Year!

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