Friday, January 30, 2009

Economic Stimulus

Everyone is talking about the economic stimulus. How will it affect the people that depend on food banks and food shelves? We know that the House passed economic recovery package will increase funding for food stamps known as Food Support in Minnesota and SNAP elsewhere. Putting extra resources into food stamp allowances will put much needed food on the tables of low income people.
There is also additional funding for the WIC program and The Emergency Food Assistance Program. The TEFAP program is very important for food banks. This program provides high quality commodity food for food banks to distribute to food shelves and soup kitchens.
The economic crisis has significantly increased demand at our food bank. New faces are visiting us every day due to rising unemployment, layoffs and increasing costs for basic needs like housing, food and heating.
The Senate's American Recovery and Investment Act includes increased funding for these extremely important programs. It is critical for food banks that these funds are available so that we can meet the needs of low income people who are disproportionately affected by the recession.

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