Friday, November 7, 2008

Hunting and Hunger

This weekend Minnesota hunters will be out in force, after the big buck or just some venison for the family table. Hunters also have the opportunity to donate venison to a food shelf in their community. Processors around the state have signed up to process deer to be donated to food shelves for distribtution to people seeking food assistance. Food shelves are grateful for the donated vension as good quality donated protein is in scarce supply and expensive to purchase. People coming to food shelves in northern Minnesota are often familiar with venison and happy to receive it.

This year only whole muscle cuts will be processed and donated to Minnesota food shelves. Whole cuts have been found to be generally free of lead fragments that were found in ground venison last year.

The venison donation program enables hunters to take an extra deer, decrease the surplus population, and provide food for their neighbors in need. Good Luck Hunters!

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