Wednesday, February 24, 2016

MN FoodShare March Campaign

The Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign is an annual statewide effort to help local food shelves fight hunger. It recruits thousands of individuals, companies, schools and community groups to hold local fund and food drives to aid in the effort.
During the month of March, food shelves across the state collect donations of money and food for the Minnesota FoodShare Campaign. The food and fund donations stay local but count toward the statewide effort. The more that is raised locally, the larger the share of the statewide campaign.  These donations will support your local food shelf and its efforts to help fill the shelves and feed people in need.
There are many ways to help support the March Campaign.  Individuals can donate funds by mail, on-line or in person.  Businesses or organizations can host food and/or fund drives to aid in the effort by collecting cash or cans from their customers, employees, or members.
Call your local food shelf or contact Second Harvest to get involved.
Support your local food shelf today! 

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