Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hunger Action Month

Meme Wilson loves to have fun.  When she comes to the food shelf to pick up her monthly NAPS box (commodity box for seniors), she jokes around with everyone and her enthusiasm for life is apparent.

Meme had read about Hunger Action Month and the “Go Orange Day” on September 4th and true to form, she showed up in her orange hat and sweatshirt to help raise awareness about hunger in our community of Grand Rapids. She recognizes the importance of hunger relief programs for folks who don’t have enough resources to buy all the food they need to stay healthy.  She expressed deep appreciation for the staff and volunteers at Second Harvest who give her and others a helping hand.
Meme is one of 275 seniors served at the Second Harvest's Grand Rapids Food Shelf each month,  along with over 1,700 adults and a startling 1,300 children in August of 2014.
It is sometimes hard and heartbreaking to know so many of our local people struggle every day with real hunger.  Hunger Action Month is a time to really learn and think about the issue and the solutions to a problem that statistics show is getting worse instead of better. 
Meme lives under some very difficult circumstances, and yet she lights up a room with her personality. She depends on programs that provide her with enough food to live a healthy and independent life by having enough nutritious meals to keep going.  In fact, after leaving the food shelf today, she was going to go home to cut firewood that she gives away to people who can’t afford to buy it.  Go Meme!

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