Wednesday, August 14, 2013

BackPack Program Gears Up for Another Year

With summer vacation nearing the end, yet another school year is upon us. For many families this comes as a huge relief. They will soon receive the assistance of the free and reduced meal programs to help nourish their children. At many schools, children will also have the option of being a participant in Second Harvest’s Kids Packs to Go BackPack program.

The Kids Packs to Go BackPack program provides food to children who are at risk of going hungry. Weekends present a particularly challenging situation for children who depend on food programs such as free and reduced lunch to meet their nutritional needs.
The Kids Packs program seeks to fill this void and reduce the negative implications for a family without the means to meet their children’s dietary needs. Studies show that hungry children are more likely to experience headaches, stomach aches, ear infections and colds. They also tend to have lower math scores, are twice as likely to repeat a grade, and are three times as likely to be suspended from school. Some area teachers have reported that the Kids Packs have helped children to have more energy which helps them stay focused throughout the day.
Child hunger in America is a solvable issue. Programs like Second Harvest North Central Food Bank’s Kids Packs to Go BackPack Program, which puts nutritious food directly into the hands of children in need for weekends and school vacations, are making a difference in the lives of children every day. With your help, programs like this can be funded to make sure that children are not left behind.

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