Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stop Eight Billion Meals from Being Lost

Despite our best efforts to convince Congress to balance the budget in a way that doesn’t hurt families struggling with hunger, the House Agriculture Committee is poised to vote on a Farm Bill that will cut SNAP, or food stamps, by $21 billion. That amounts to eight billion meals that will be lost over the next 10 years. That may not mean much to Congress, but for the people who might not know where their next meal will come from, it could be the difference between a hot meal or an empty stomach.

This is a crisis in the making and we need you to take action. Your representative is a member of the Agriculture Committee and is in a position to stop these mean-spirited cuts from happening, and to do that, they need to hear from you today.

Call your representative by dialing 866-527-1087 and listen to the pre-recorded message. We will connect you directly to their office and ask you to deliver this simple message:

As my representative, I urge you to vote against the House Agriculture Committee’s proposal to cut $21 billion from SNAP in the Farm Bill and to support Representative McGovern's amendment to restore the cuts. SNAP is important to ensuring the health and well-being of our nation’s future. Do not hurt people who truly need help by taking food off of their tables. Please vote “No” on the Farm Bill.

Because of advocates like you, we have fought off cuts to these important programs for more than two years. The stakes are high and we need your help. Will you call your representative at 866-527-1087 today?

Thank you for your important work in helping to feed hungry Americans.

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