Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thank You Thursday - Retired Educator & Kleven and Friends

Retired Educators packing MAC boxes
This week we are featuring two groups who help us every month. Being a Grand Rapids resident from first grade through high graduation, it is a trip down memory lane each month when the Retired Educators group comes to help out. The retired educators group has been packing MAC and NAP boxes every month for over 10 years. This group jumped into action when we took on the project of packing the boxes and have been here ever since.

Kleven and Friends is a new group who visit monthly to help finish packing any MAC and NAP boxes left over and complete any other repack projects that we have. This group began as Jerry Kleven, a past and long-time board member, rallied the troops to help us out each month.

We are so grateful for both of these groups. The dedication of these men and women help us continue to alleviate hunger in north central Minnesota. Thank you!
Some of the Kleven & Friends repacking pasta

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