Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Tale of Two Men

This is the season of sharing and kindness. We hear about it everywhere. We read about it everywhere. But, to see it first hand is a very inspiring thing. We are so fortunate to live in such a kind and caring community, but like other things, it is easy to take it for granted. Today, two men reminded me what kindness and compassion are all about.

Man # 1 - This morning we were paid a visit by a local elementary school principal. He came to the Food Shelf seeking food for the family of one of his students. It only came to his attention that this family was in need because the child fainted at school this morning. The child was so hungry that he/she was physically ill. Being a mother of an elementary age child myself, I cannot begin to imagine my child going so hungry.

We sent the principal back to school with food for the family and signed the child up for the Kids Pack to Go BackPack Program, ensuring he/she would get a little extra over the weekends. Before he left the principal insisted on making a personal donation to "cover the cost" of the food provided to this family in need. Now if you ask me, that is going above and beyond.

Man # 2 - As the workday was winding down we were paid a visit by a gentleman carrying a box of toys. As we are in the middle of collecting toys for the Itasca Holiday Program, this is not an uncommon sight to see. However, it did not stop with one box of toys, nor two, nor three. This gentleman and his wife purchased SIX boxes full of toys! We were overjoyed and touched by their generosity.

Now, if you have shopped for a toy for a child recently you know, or have found out the hard way, that just about every toy made these days needs batteries which are almost always "not included". Not only did this couple purchase several hundreds of dollars worth of toys, they took the time to attache the required about and size battery to every single toy they donated. He did not leave his name, and did not want any special recognition for his kind act.

My heart is still smiling from the selflessness and kindness of these two men.

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