Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Introducing Scheduled Donations for Give to the Max Day Blog - Introducing Scheduled Donations for Give to the Max Day

Posted on 10/16/12 by Dan Moore

Will your board chair be traveling on November 15? Are some of your donors at a team-building retreat that day? Is your staff going to be busy working with donors on Give to the Max Day?
Good news! Your donors can schedule their Give to the Max Day gifts in advance so they won’t miss out!
Starting November 1, donors who visit your organization or project page on will see the options to Make a Donation or schedule one for Give to the Max Day, as sampled below.

This feature allows you to ask donors to schedule their gift ahead of time to be processed on Give to the Max Day, November 15, just like scheduling household bill payments or other transactions.

When your donors click on the link to schedule one for Give to the Max Day (note: the example above shows a different giving day) they’ll see the same donation page they’re used to seeing on, but it will say Schedule Your Give to the Max Day Donation and the green Total Donation box will verify that the gift “will be charged to your card on Nov. 15, 2012.”

After entering the credit card or debit card information and confirming the donation, a donor will see a confirmation screen and will be sent a confirmation email. (See below).

The donor will also have the ability to "stop the donation" prior to the November 15 under their GiveMN account "donations" tab. (See example below)

The Scheduled Giving function will be available on all organization, project, fundraiser, and team pages beginning Thursday, November 1. This function is not available on donation widgets embedded on your own website, another site, or your organization’s Facebook page.
Scheduled donations are deducted from donors’ credit or debit card at 12 a.m. on November 15 and will be eligible for the 12 a.m. to 1 a.m. Golden Ticket, as well as helping their nonprofit advance on the leaderboard. Nonprofit and school page administrators will not receive notification that a gift has been scheduled; they will receive notification when the gift is processed on November 15.
Mark your calendars for November 1 and let your donors know they can schedule their gifts to count toward your organization’s Give to the Max Day leaderboard totals, even if they don’t have time to do so on November 15!
Note that the "pledge" feature of GiveMN's mobile website is NOT the same as a scheduled donation and that scheduled donations cannot be made using GiveMN's mobile version of the website.

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