Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Campaign for a Hunger-Free Minnesota

Today is the official launch of Hunger-Free Minnesota, a statewide movement to close the gap of 100 million missing meals in our state.
You, your co-workers, volunteers and clients all will be positively affected by Hunger-Free Minnesota. It’s a three-year campaign with an action plan designed to focus on three areas of meal delivery:

• Increase annual meal delivery in the emergency food network by 50 million meals
• Increase access in the SNAP/Minnesota Food Support Program by 30 million meals
• Increase utilization of infant and child nutrition programs to yield an additional 20 million meals.

Hunger in Minnesota has doubled in five years. One in ten Minnesotans runs out of resources before the end of every month, missing an average of 10 meals every 30 days. That's 100 million meals missed every year, with devastating effects.

Hunger hurts us all. Fight hunger where you live.

For more information please our website or hungerfreemn.org that contains statistics about hunger in Minnesota and information about Hunger-Free Minnesota.

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