Monday, December 13, 2010

ICC Practical Nursing Program Lends 94 Helping Hands to the Itasca Holiday Program

Last Friday, 44 students and 3 instructors, from the Itasca Community College Practical Nursing Program volunteered at Second Harvest North Central Food Bank. The 94 additional hands helped us prepare for the 2010 Itasca Holiday Program which is in full swing at Second Harvest North Central Food Bank. The Itasca Holiday Program provides holiday food boxes to 1,700 families in need in the Itasca County and Hill City area. Since each box contains about 30 food items, there is plenty of sorting and repacking to be done. Students sorted various food items in preparation for the food box assembly line. The ICC Practical Nursing Students have been volunteering their time at Second Harvest North Central Food Bank for several years. It is thanks to caring individuals such as these, that the Itasca Holiday Program is a success.   
Students re-packing pasta and brown sugar

The Crew!
Students re-packing pasta

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